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Cleaning Solvent Gbl Butyrolactone

Date:  20-09-2021


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Cleaning Solvent Gbl Butyrolactone  

99.9% Pure GBL Gamma-Butyrolactone GBL Chrome wheels cleaner

Product Name: gamma-Butyrolactone; GBL
Synonyms: 1-Oxacyclopentan-2-one;2-Oxolanone;2-Oxotetrahydrofuran;3-Hydroxybutyric acid lactone
CAS: 96-48-0
MF: C4H6O2
MW: 86.09
EINECS: 202-509-5
Chemical Properties: colourless oily liquid
1. GBL Magic Cleaner has a unique cleaning strength
2. GBL is used to produce the related GHB . GHB has been classified as a Class C drug .
3. people take gamma butyrolactone (GBL) for improving sleep, athletic performance and sexual performance and pleasure. They also take it for relieving depression and stress, promoting clear thinking, prolonging life, causing relaxation, and releasing growth hormone. GBL is also used to trim fat and as a body- or muscle-builder. Some people take it as a recreational drug.

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